Domingo Pagliuca is a Latin Grammy Award-winning trombonist who currently performs with the world-renown quintet Boston Brass.
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The cover of Domingo Pagliuca's CD

Eternal Gratitude

Domingo's first solo album.
Awarded 2020 Latin Grammy for Best Classical Album produced by virtuoso tuba player and pedagogue Maestro Sam Pilafian.

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Yamaha Artist

Domingo Pagliuca is a Yamaha Performing Artist who's gear list includes the Xeno YSL-882OR Tenor Trombone

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Virtual Lessons

Domingo is a passionate educator and who better to explore trombone fundamentals with? Practice articulation with the metronome, proper breathing and posture, air and sound emission and syncing slide movement.



My job demands a mouthpiece that allows me to not only change musical styles but also perform for long periods of time. My gear list includes the following mouthpieces:

Domingo Pagliuca mouthpieces
The spirit of music

I always think about singing when I play the trombone, like if it was an extension of the human voice. ~DP


Never practice for time, instead, practice with a goal in mind. Always set a specific purpose to each practice session. ~DP

Domingo Pagliuca and Sam Pilafian
Domingo with Boston Brass on stageDomingo Pagliuca artwork playing trombone